Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ask Palpatine

As a child growing up in the '80s, I loved TV puppets. The Muppet Show, Sesame Street and Spitting Image were some of my favs.

If you want a modern day fix of puppet madness then click over to Hoggworks Studios - Ask Palpatine is just one of their creations.

[Thanks to Brain Needed Space]

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Poetry Retrospective #3

England on the plane back to the UK next Thursday...let's fucking hope not.

Sun Downer*

It's bloody,
whole generation.

This generation
is vain,
sun drown.

When everything burns
against you,
society blankets
and begs...
hold onto the feeling
of the time.

This generation
is vain.
Orange shower
sun drown.

*first published 1995 in a limited edition collection, 'Polarise'.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Week 22 in subspace-urbia

Can a post-season get any worse?

Benitez had been manager at Liverpool FC for nearly as long as I had been married but after a very poor EPL campaign('09-'10) the pressure was on for something to give. Shamefully, the cancers(as one blogger nicely puts it) are still there as owners of the club. I can only hope that Mr Dalglish picks very wisely in the coming weeks/months!

I've reached a point in the main storyline of Red Dead Redemption where I feel a break from the game is needed - I do this often with games that have an open-world setting and while some have not been revisited yet, I did crave a return to an unfinished ACII. I'm making some nice progress there and only have the last upgrade to the off-hand hidden blade to go - the pistol. Leonardo hasn't requested any MMO style hunt & gather type quests, so I take it he's come to the conclusion that the proposed Sforza horse project is just never going to happen - shame that. I'd have loved to have seen a giant bronze horse placed within the grounds of Ezio's villa.

My first ever game for my MacBook Pro has now been downloaded from Steam. Impressed by the trailers and by some of my peer's experiences of the game, I took a stab in the dusk and installed Torchlight. Although I have yet to give it a run for its money, it has spurred me to go back and look at Raptr - not entirely sure why it did but am glad all the same. I had been less than impressed by it when I first gave Raptr a look over but I didn't remove myself from the beta and it has been collecting my gaming data ever since 2008. Looking at Raptr now, there's a very clear and easy to use interface with some nice touches and I'm hopeful for it's future. Include to that that a iPod app. is due to released very shortly, and I may just stick with Raptr.

On that final note, I am curious to know what my gaming readership think is the currently the best or their favourite system of recording their gaming achievements etc. I have added a poll to the sidebar for you to cast your votes.