Saturday, 23 January 2010

7 lives played, used and abused

I may not have dwelt on last years activities in a round-up post but instead here's something worth looking back on - my completed games list of 2009:

Feb/March ¦ F.E.A.R 2(360)
First shooter of the year complete and although I didn't review it, here's what I said about it at the time.

March ¦ Call of Duty IV Modern Warfare(360)

13th April ¦ Resident Evil 5(360)
Reviewed for Caught in the Crossfire

8th October ¦ Terminator Salvation(360)
Blurg! 'nuff said.

Nov/Dec ¦ Uncharted Drake's Fortune(PS3)
Go Nathan!

Nov/Dec ¦ Uncharted 2 Amoung Thieves(PS3)
Single-handedly got me back playing my PS3 and I reviewed it for Caught in the Crossfire.

27th Dec ¦ Halo 3 ODST(360)
Not what I expected and the silent-hero approach just does nothing for my internal connection to the storyline.

A pretty poor showing. But looking closer you can see a large chunk of the past year contained no real gaming(May through Sept) - nearly half the year.

2010? Well I've completed 1 title already and I may need Backloggery to help me out this year.


  1. One game done so far, not a bad start I think. I have finished four of the seven games you list, and FEAR 2 was by far my favorite.

  2. Still can't get over the months I missed last year. For me, FEAR 2 was OK but I doubt I'd play it through again.

  3. I think I know what happened, it was all that FIFA you were playing!

    The way you feel about FEAR2 is like the way I feel for Uncharted; it was a good game but I don't think I really want to sit and play through it again. It's just too bad that the multiplayer for FEAR was such crap.

  4. Unfortunately not, jayedub.

    Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2 look to be the game experiences of 2010, for me. My current and first playthrough of ME is wonderful with a strong sense of storyline and character development. ME2 should be very, very good if this is anything to go by.

  5. Hello DM welcome to Blogger :).

    That Backloggery sounds like an interesting concept. I once estimated that I have only actually finished about a quarter of the games in my collection. Some of the unfinished games just didn't appeal to me but there are quite a few that I mean to go back to "sometime".

  6. @mbp been here for a month or two now - where you been!? Only jesting...

    Ever since I picked up both my 360 & PS3 I have found that I WANT to complete games more. I always hated that feeling of not having the best PC to run a new title on.

    Backloggery is the kinda tool that I sign up for but then forget to use! I've made it my homepage for now so that it gives me a frendly nudge.

    Remind me again, mbp but your a PC game only?

  7. Yes DM I am a pretty dyed in the wool PC gamer. My kids have a Wii but none of the games on it appeal to me and I just can't get into waving my arms around. I will admit to borrowing their Nintendo DS's on occasion though - that is one very cool piece of technology.