Sunday, 9 May 2010

So long and thanks...for nothing

After my first trip to Anfield, to watch a preseason friendly against Spanish side Atletico Madrid, back in August 2009, I had an unnerving feeling that the forthcoming 09-10 season was going to be a poor one for Liverpool FC. Don't ask me why, as the previous season had been one of Liverpool's best placed finishes in the Premier League. I just felt Mr Alonso would be missed and surely enough, he was.

Normally at the end of another season, I'd have something positive to say about what I had seen in the last 10 months of football. This year I have nothing worth commenting on, as the woeful position of 7th in the PL speaks volumes.

These are the seasons that test your loyalty and reserve.

2010-2011 season can't get any worse?


  1. Commiserations DM. What is the likelihood of a change of manager next season?

  2. I think the Raiders are going to have a better season next year...oh wait, wrong football, oops.

  3. Unsure @mbp buying him out of contract would cost £illions - I'd rather see a new owner that doesn't off-set any debt against the club.