Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Reclaim the charts: A better reality?

I don't care much for 'reality TV' with all its factors of X and overweight brothers, give me an episode of LIFE - now that's a reality worth watching. So the prospect of yet another newly-born 'reality star' being top of the charts, here in the UK, for Christmas is fairly sickening. But wait. Could there be a sniff of debunk to the no.1 spot this Christmas?!

Unlikely as it may seem, Killing In The Name released 17 years ago by Rage Against The Machine has an outside chance of taking the number one spot - all thanks to a Facebook group. I've made my purchase on iTunes(ready for delivery of my iPhone tomorrow) as I believe it's the public right to tip the apple cart and upset bland corporate marketing.

Interesting, the 'Killing In The Name' single reached the Top 40 back in 1993 in the UK - peeking at #25. At the time of typing this, the majority of download charts have it at #2, this without Rage Against The Machine having any connection with the Facebook campaign.

Lordy knows if they've picked up on it yet - better they don't.

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