Saturday, 26 December 2009


Some surprises this year but first and formost, I recieved the LOST season 5 box set (from Mrs Osbon) that I asked for. Season 4 started slowly but built into a very good season, I hope the 5th season surpasses the story/action/character-driven plot of the previous four seasons.

The surprises came in with a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 and The Hangover DVD(the funnest film I've seen at the cinema this year). I may keep MGS4 under wraps until the possiblity of a trophy supporting patch is confirmed or not - Kojima have been very quiet about the possibility of a patch since August this year. All I will say about The Hangover, as you may not have seen it yet, is watch the end credits - they are not to be missed! OK so the movie, Very Bad Things (hello CD) had covered the same ground back in 1998 but I say The Hangover is very worthy of being produced.

Have you finished unwrapping anything 'grand' over Christmas?

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