Saturday, 20 March 2010

HDMI saves my PS3 from indifference

A while back I had my PS3 infused with infectious and much needed joy by the release of Uncharted 2(winner of 4 Baftas). But I have learnt that I'd only been giving the Sony system only half the chance needed to impress me. Unfairly, I had been running it through a 32" 7 year old Sony CRT. With this overight now corrected, I have to say, what a difference a slight change of setting makes!

Moving my PS3 upstairs and hooking it up to a 24" HDMI monitor ala my current 360, has opened my eyes to the beauty of the PS3 and it's media. This has obiviously been helped by playing the recently released God of War III.

With the two gaming systems sitting side-by-side, using the same outputs, I will have a much better view of how system exclusives match up to each other in the future.


  1. Nice, I have a smiliar setup with my PC, Xbox and PS3 all hooked into my monitor.

  2. I recently moved into the same boat too, use my new 22" flatscreen as both a TV, HD unit for the PS3 and a screen extension for my laptop as well with VGA.

  3. @jayc4life my new MacBook Pro is the 13" model, as I knew if I needed a large HD output I could use my 24" LCD monitor but I cant see myself doing that too often.