Thursday, 11 March 2010

I am ##error##

I've had a fairly quiet week with little time to commit to anything other than my 9-5.

I did catch some of the 82nd Oscars, on the back of which I made a few Blu-ray purchases - The Hurt Locker and Watchmen. Neither of which I have watched but the amusing time-travel observations of the former, made me grin - product placement over the historical sound? Why not...

Assassin's Creed II is back in my 360 drive, as I try to finish a growing number of 360 titles that I own or have been sent to review, now that I have completed Heavy Rain. Playing Ezio also ties in nicely with the prep. study I am making towards my 12 week course, Perspectives on Leonardo da Vinci, that begins in May. LdV is one of those characters from history that have fascinated me for a long time now. I still feel I know very little about him when you consider that the way his life's ambition seem to rest on trying so many different aspects. It'll be interesting to see how Leonardo the videogame character matches up with Leonardo the historical figure.

Later in the month I'll be attending the 'What Are Games Really Teaching Us?' event at the Dana center. I'll no doubt be taking notes/photos for a later post but if you intend on going yourself, I may just see you there.


  1. I am thinking that Leonardo in the game will be quite different than his real life counterpart. No matter though I am still really liking AC2 a ton!

  2. I was thinking more about his activities and creations, rather than Leonardo the person. It's nice to see history blended/bent into a videogame's plot in this way.

  3. The "What Games are really Teaching us event sounds intriguing" - it is a potentially politically charged topic.

  4. @mbp The event is sponsored by Nintendo but I believe the depth of the discussion will hit on those type of nerves(political). I'll be taking notes for a transcript post after the event.