Sunday, 28 March 2010

PC closure

Back in December last year, I jettisoned my Blackberry mobile phone for an IPhone(my first ever Apple product). In very different circumstances, I now have a window(sorry couldn't resist) of opportunity to move away from PCs and buy my second Apple product, a Macbook Pro.

My primaries for choosing a Mac aren't based in the need to have a gaming machine. I want a break from PC and Microsoft based OS, need portability and from what I have read and seen, the Macbook Pro will suit my needs.

That's not to say that gaming on a Mac is totally out of the question as there maybe a few titles that come out on PC/Mac only format that I may like to try...maybe even the odd MMO...

*Youtube video note: This is not I but gives you an idea of possible gaming on a Macbook Pro, even if this is running on Vista OS


  1. Well wear DM, looks like a lovely machine. You may as well sign up for the Mac Beta of Steam and do you bit for Mac gaming!

    Is it just me or has your blog got a bit grubby? :)

  2. It does but it may take a little time to purchase...luckily I have my 40th this year which will help funds!

    Cheers for the Steam beta heads-up.

  3. All I got to say about that is this - I like the new look of the site.