Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bayonetta review live in the Crossfire

Bayonetta is part pleasure and part pain, it is there to simultaneously reminded you how videogame combat can be fun without being ultra-realistic but also how cheesy story-lines and make-shift characterisation can combine to make a total and utter mess of things.
My first review of 2010 is for SEGA's Bayonetta title that was released in January - you can read the full review over at Caught in the Crossfire.

I expect my next two reviews will be for Dante's Inferno and Mass Effect 2 with Bioshock 2 and Heavy Rain to follow, unless I get any surprises along the way.


  1. I'm suprised it got a 7/10. I thought it was a 8 at least.

  2. Scores aren't everything but in my rating system for Crossfire a 7/10 is still a very good game.

    Bayonetta is a wee bit too self-indulgent in places and could have done with some trimming but hey, a review is a personal responce to a product. We all have different opinions.

  3. Ahh ok. It was a very good game and went above my expectations.

  4. Nice review, I still have a desire to give it a try at some point.