Monday, 8 February 2010

Poetic license

OK so I know poetry is not the new 'in-thing' and probably never will be again. I also know that I run the risk of alienating my readers by publishing my own poetry here, most of which is almost 20 years old, without a little warning and explanation first.

So I had believed that the case holding my poetry, all from a period of years during the early to mid 90's, had been lost. I had searched for it on a number of occasions since I last moved, back in 2002. But it would seem that luck was on my side this weekend. A big cleansing of my house loft lead me to a reunion of poetry with poet.

To celebrate my find, I plan to publish the best of these poems over the coming weeks.

I do have a word of warning - if your expecting some flowery, agnst ridden diatribes then you will be very dissappointed. As you'll come to discover, Charles Burkowski was a good friend of mine.

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  1. Im actually looking forward to seeing it :) I found some of my old short stories not too long ago and have actually started to revise one of them, whether it will see the light of day is another matter but its something I enjoyed in the past and am trying to ignite the fire again.