Friday, 5 February 2010

Week 5 in subspace-urbia

One month into what is my 40th year and the game review code is already flowing. Being a late bloomer, the promise I gave to myself was to be on the right track, career-wise, by the time the big 4-0 arrived.

Happily this will not be broken entirely.

So after 5 weeks...
  • New apps on my iPhone = 3
  • Times I have lost my place in bed to a kitten = 2
  • No. of annual magazine subscriptions = 2
  • Completed 2 videogame titles in January, I only managed 7 in the whole of last year.
  • Review code received = 4
Did you know there was to be an animated movie of the videogame release of Dante's Inferno? No I missed that too but I will be examing them both closely over the course of February.

Before I close out this post, I'd like to mention a little sporting final that is taking place across the pond, this Sunday. American football hasn't entertained my thoughts since I was a wee nipper - when the Washington Redskins were in the ascendancy. But the headline, 'Liara* to watch Superbowl final from the Playboy mansion' did however get my mental juices flowing!

*for those of you that aren't Mass Effect players, here's her bio.


  1. Two games completed so far, not a bad start. I have the possibility of having 6 games completed by the end of February; Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Uncharted and Batman Arkham Asylum on all three systems! Definitely not normal for me.

  2. Bioshock 2...well ahem, just ordered the collectors edition but I still have yet to complete Bioshock. I may have to try running through that again, as I seem to do better once a follow-on is released.

  3. I loved Bioshock, such a great game.