Saturday, 6 February 2010

Blame it on the weather - thoughts on the Heavy Rain demo

Early access to a demo? Then expect some long waits and site crashes - exactly what we got when the news broke that there would be early access to the Heavy Rain demo.

So I didn't try figuring things out to get the code, to get the demo, to then wait an eon for the download. Instead I just waited an eon for the download...but now that I have played the Heavy Rain demo, here are my thoughts:

[Reading the following may SPOIL the HEAVY RAIN DEMO experience, if you have yet to play]

What you get is an introduction to the basics(alley scene), followed by the 'sleazy scene' and a 'crime scene'. Each is fairly short but all give you time to move around each location and try out the movement/view options. I like that you can move your characters head via the left analogue stick while either remaining still or on the move. Animations and incidental sound add greatly to the setting and atmosphere, lighting also looks good and detail is clear enough even with a CRT TV - although the 'thought' text can become a little lost.

The 'sleazy scene' allows an informal chat with a parent of a victim of the Origami Killer by one of the playable characters in the game, Scott Shelby(PI). Of the two scenes, this is my favorite - we learn that Scott suffers from asthma but can handle himself in a fist fight. Little else is given away other than some great interaction between Shelby and the victim's parent. Facial animations are spot on and voice work has the empathsis on gritty noir. I hope the story holds out to be something just as special.

The forensic side of the game is highlighted in the second scene, 'crime scene' by FBI profiler Norman Jayden - the second of four playable characters that have been confirmed. Examination of a body that is found early one morning, allows the player to experience the unique(and fictional) forensic equipment at the disposal of Agent Jayden. Interesting as this looks, I do hope it is put to some good and isn't just in-game candyfloss.

20 days and counting...


  1. I didn't read past the spoiler warning, but I was wondering if you liked the demo? Are you looking forward to the game?

  2. Demo felt fine - have heard that some who have tried it have not liked the movement system - clunky was the word used.

    Games that have a 'vocal' playable character always seem to sit better with me(RE, Uncharted, AC, ME) than those that are 'mute'(Dead Space, Fallout 3, Halo). Really hoping that Heavy Rain lives up to the premise.

  3. I thought it was very good. I had 2 problems though. The camera angles and movement wasn't the best. But like I said I think the game will be very good and engaging.